Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2016

Our trip to Strasbourg

We left Heilbronn on the 5th of July 2016 for Strasbourg.The journey took 2 hours and was led by Mr and Mrs Kümmerle.We stopped at the boundary where we had coffee and also walked around for 15 minutes.Later we headed for Strasbourg and we also saw the river Rhine and the bridge which was under construction.

We were eager to go to the EU parliament and were amazed at the big and beautiful parliament building. Then we passed through the hands of the security.

A guide was given to us and we took our seats at the plenary. Members of the parliament were discussing about the Brexit.The debate was very strong and had heated arguments.

After 1 hour we went to a rest room and had a discussion with the vice president of the EU parliament-Mr Wieland. We asked some questions and he answered them but as all politicians do,he was not very clear to some of our questions.We also talked to one of the civil servants.

We took lunch and went for a tour with a tourguide-Mrs Regina.She took us around the church and another house which had 65 windows which in olden times it was a sign of richness.

We were priviledged to see River Ill and the movable bridge there. At 3.30pm we allocated at different groups and went to different places. At 5.30pm we went to the bus and started our journey back to Heilbronn.
(Grace, 16 Kenya/ Diana, 16 Kenya)

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