Montag, 4. Juli 2016

20th of June - They are coming!

On this day we got the message: They will come!
Of course all of us were excited about meeting and getting to know our exchange students of Kenya. We were worrying so long if they would get the visa so we were very happy when we got the information that everything is going to work out.
We had to learn a lot about the culture and the way of living to understand our guests, that's why we had different meetings before they arrived. We talked about our fears and problems we might get because of the cultural differences of our countries. We also planned what we could do with our lovely guests and what could be interesting for them to see.
On the day they arrived we didn't even know their names and who would stay with us and this is what made our day even more exciting. Their flight was late and we had to wait a little longer so see them.
When they finally arrived in our school they were welcomed by our principal and the hosts and they told about themselves.

All of us are very glad that the kenyans are here in Germany and we're looking forward for a nice time with them.

Celebration on the first day

We had a welcoming party in the school hall
They presented to us some nice music.we then had a speeches from the school principal,sister Jane and Sir Titus..We were given very beautiful flowers and we also presented to them our Kenyan music. We were later taken around the school,had lunch. We felt very happy,excited and delighted. We played basketball, we made a warmup game and played Germans versus Kenyans and went home
The Students of sozialpädagogische Ausbildung told us more about their work and taught us some song we sang together we were very happy
Frau Fischer told us how wine is made in the class of wine makers.
(Dimitrias, 18 Kenya/ Marion, 16 Kenya)

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