Montag, 4. Juli 2016

Beilstein - Summary Report

Day 1

The session began on Friday, the 24. of June 2016 at 10 o'clock with the students getting the rooms and a small breefing from the teachers that is Silke, Chris and Titus. After lunch the two women Vicky and Martina from ENSA (Entwicklungspolitische Schulaustauschprogramm/ Development policy school exchange program) arrived and eventually the session commenced with ice-breaking. It started by german and kenyan stundents introducing themselves and later on ground norms. After that we had dinner and after that the programm for this day was over since it was the first day.

Day 2 

The next day the program started immediately after breakfeast some energizement from Augustine, which woke up everybody.
The topic of the day was introduced by the facilitators. There was a team building which brought all the participants together hence creating a maximum cooperation between the facilitators and the students.
There was a bridge building game to show the students, that people have different roles and if you have to work together sometimes you just have to accept this role or ask the person why he or she behaves like he or she does.
After that boys and girls served a hot lunch and had a break. After lunch the program continued with finding out something about the different cultures of germany and kenya which also includes the differences and similarities and this was done into mixed groups. After presentig the results we saw a movie about the „danger of the single story“ and we had dinner. 

Day 3

This was the last day of the program and everybody seemed to be tired. However we had to finish the whole program. Student council issues were also discussed towards the end oft he program. Here the students were seperated from the teachers to allow the students to open up their issues and to create confidence among themselves.
Later on the presentation was done and further explanation of varias issues affecting the students were explaining to detail. Students were given a chance to write letters to themselves about what they were expecting from the project which will be done in the next two weeks. At the end there was also a feedback from all the students and also the teachers to the ENSA facilitators and for saying goodbeye we had a prayer together and stundents leave at their own pleasure. 
(Sarah, 19 Germany, Augustine, 25 Kenya)



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